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s3 training center with Rob Slade

Challenge yourself to take the best step you'll ever take toward being the best athlete you can be with S3 Training Center!  Improving your game starts with the right skills, speed and strength and ends with the confidence of knowing you are well prepared to take on anything. 

For over sixteen years, S3 Training Center has been assisting young, competitive athletes to get off the bench and into the game.  S3 Training Center has developed the unparalleled "Skill-Speed" training program and is committed to teaching youth, high school and college athletes at every level, how to execute the critical skills for their specific sport at true game speed.

S3’s exclusive Skill-Speed Training program has been designed to allow each young athlete to elevate their game to the highest level.  It is not your everyday basic sport skills training program, coupled with basic speed training.  With S3 Skill-Speed Training, it is training for faster foot speed and training to execute all the skills in the game at a faster speed than the opponent can execute his or her counter skills. 

Coaches must be convinced that the athlete knows how to "play the game fast". The S3 Training Program will make you into the player that every coach will notice and assist you in securing your spot on the field. 

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