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about us

S3 Philosophy

We know what it means to need to compete at the highest level possible for youth, high school and college level sports.

At S3 Training Center we don't take that lightly.  Our philosophy is to work with every student-athlete individually and in groups in order to improve their skills proficiency specific to their sport. 

We combine Sport training with speed and strength training for a well-rounded athlete who is better prepared for game action. All of the Sport-Speed- Strength Programs are designed for sport specific , "functional" training to help the student-athlete compete at the highest level. In other words, while running five miles a day may be good for conditioning is does not help with explosive off-the-line sprints, cutting, turning,  changing direction or ground ball work needed for the game of lacrosse. At STraining our goal is to  build a program that works the athlete to the maximum so that they are prepared specifically for their sport rather than for general conditioning and strength.

Uniquely, S3 Training Center features an indoor turf field that can be used all year long to prepare for the sports season and to allow the athlete to simulate game play on the field in their sport.  We are committed to working with athletes who may be struggling in one or more areas of the sport or with any athlete who just wants to improve their overall game. We can create drills to work on specific game  situations.  This can include but is not limited to goalie specific training, footwork training, stick skills, shooting, batting practice and field maneuverability to name a few.


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