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We know that Foot speed alone does not win Lacrosse games! Precise, powerful and fast execution of: passing, catching, shooting, dodging and ground balls does.

If your goal is to train in the off-season to be ready to report for spring Lacrosse ready to execute all position specific skills at a greater game speed with more power and with fewer mistakes...then Lacrosse Skill, Speed Training program will help you get there.

S3 Training Center and Rob Slade C.S.C.S. presents the most complete training program available today for Lacrosse Skill Speed.

The Lacrosse Skill Speed program concentrates on:

  • Functional Training-Specific Lacrosse Skills training tailored to the player-athlete's needs
  • Position specific speed, quickness and change of direction training.
  • Position specific skills and speed of skill execution to make you faster and more proficient then your opponent.
  • Position specific explosive power and strength training.
  • Instinctive visual/mental reaction training that is specific to your position.
  • Goalie specific training for speed and technique training.

The Lacrosse Skill Speed program begins with an individual player assessment followed by regular evaluations of player's progress.

Typical Training is 3-5 sessions per week.

The S3 Training facility features an indoor, half-field turf training area for game scenario training and full strength training equipment.  Depending on players needs S3 can set up game scenarios for practice with other top athletes in the area.   This designed to help the player achieve game play results.

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