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training fees

S3 Training Center Pricing and Terms

Effective June 1, 2018


To provide the highest quality programs and ensure our common goal of significantly improving the performance of the young athletes, S3 Training Center’s pricing and terms are as follows:


In order for the S3 Training Center to receive both the client’s commitment to athletic improvement, and the training time needed to properly execute our teaching principles, all training will be pre-paid for six (6) sessions.

All athletes will be interviewed and evaluated to determine the specific areas for improvement.  Such assessments will be discussed with the athlete and parent(s) by a member of the training staff.

Workout times are to be scheduled with Rob Slade.  Generally,  workout sessions are scheduled for   1 ½ hours.  All workout sessions are group sessions with multiple participants.


--1 ½ hour sport training session                                        Six (6) sessions = $210.00

   ($35.00 per session)

All prepaid packaged sessions must be used within 90 days of purchase date or be forfeited.

Payments can be made by Cash or Check.

*Prices subject to change at the discretion of the S3 Training Center.

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