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waterworks for athletes

S3 Training Center presents
Waterworks for Athletes
The total low impact conditioning program for all summer athletes.
This program is for you, if you :
* Play in weekend tournaments
* Practice multiple times per week
* Need to elevate your conditioning level that is taking away from your summer play
* Need to recover faster from demanding hot summer tournaments
* Need to elevate your conditioning around injuries and speed recovery
* Need to prevent over use injuries
* Need to elevate your conditioning for fall sports

Waterworks is a (NON-IMPACT) aquatic conditioning and strength program for athletes consisting of:

* Non - impact pool running and speed work
* Core strengthing
* Total Body strength and endurance training

Designed by Rob Slade C.S.C.S, the Waterworks program will allow the athlete to safely elevate their conditioning while in the summer season, recover from tournaments much faster, and be ready for fall.  All while reducing structural impact on young athletes.

Registration is limited, so contact S3 Training Center at 410-337-3575 or email robslade1@verizon.net.  Pool workouts will be held at the Park School pool and will run from June through August.  Other athlete conditioning workouts are available.
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